How to choose excellent and reliable pool builders in Arizona

Choosing pool builders in Arizona is a daunting experience for most homeowners. This is because a majority of homeowners do not know what to look for in a reliable pool builder. Every homeowner wants to have an eccentric swimming pool design in their homes. This is a design that highlights the décor, attractiveness and stylish appeal of the home. It is worth noting that to achieve the desired swimming pool; you will need to work with knowledgeable pool builders. Here are a few tips on finding the best pool builders:

Licensing and certification

Pool builders should not operate without a license and certification as these are the legality of the contractor’s services as well as the scope of operation. If a pool builder is not licensed, then there is usually no guarantee for quality service delivery. Licensed and certified pool builders meet the set quality standards, and as such, they provide professionally reliable and dependable services.



A pool building project may cause damage to already existing structures such as the house, fence and even the backyard. When such damages occur, you will want to seek compensation for losses and other costs incurred due to the damage. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that you only hire pool builders with insurance covers as their services are insured, and hence damages are paid by the insurance company. When you hire uninsured pool builders, you put yourself at a risk of receiving no compensation incase of damages resulting from the pool’s construction.

Check out past projects done by the builder of choice

At no one time should you hire a pool builder without sampling the services provided by the contractor of choice. Check the contractor’s portfolio for previous projects. This allows you to assess the level of skills, technology, creativity, and innovativeness employed by the contractor of choice. This provides you with a chance to check out the contractor’s abilities also determine their capability of handling your project.

Tools and technology

Before hiring any pool builder, it is important to check out the technology and tools used by the contractor of choice in delivering their services. Does the contractor have the right tools necessary for building your preferred type of pool? Pool builders use modern technology to design pools depending on the client’s preferences such as size and shape. Always settle for pool builders with the right tools of work as such controls deliver quality work in a timely manner.


Check reviews left by previous clients

Reviews provide you with a great opportunity to get first-hand information on the quality and reliability of services offered by the contractor of choice. From these reviews, you can be able to identify whether the contractor delivers in a timely manner, quality of services provided and check if the contractor is well versed in pool building.

With the services of a good pool builder, you can get a high-end swimming pool with a stylish outlook at an affordable cost. You do not need to spend too much money on pool building while you still have other home improvement projects to take care of. Share your ideas with the pool builder so that the contractor considers your opinions and preferences when building the pool.…

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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Lawn care services are becoming essential for many homeowners and organizations that have a yard. The yard needs to be kept appropriately if the beauty of the place is to be maintained. Traditionally, many people managed the lawn by themselves, but they are beginning to hire the lawn care companies to help them with the maintenance of the lawn. Visit for professional lawn care and tree trimming services.

Since many companies offer lawn care services, it is essential to choose wisely when it comes to the lawn care services. Let us look at some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect lawn care company.


lawn mower cutting grace They say that old habits die hard. The reputation of the company is critical since companies tend to treat most of their clients in the same way. If a lawn care company has a bad reputation then ensure that you avoid it at all costs since you are likely to be subjected to the poor services that they are known for.

You can quickly establish the reputation of accompanying by asking your friends, colleagues, or family members who have used the companies in the past. The online reviews can also tell you whether the company is reputable or not.


The tools and the equipment that the company uses for various services should also direct you when you are looking for the best lawn care company. Avoid companies that use outdated equipment and tools since they may not be effective in their service delivery. The employees should have the required technical skills to handle the equipment and tools.


Licensing is also essential when you are selecting the ideal lawn care company. Make sure that the company is licensed because it is an indication that they have the know-how and capacity to offer the services.

Most governments require all companies that operate under their jurisdictions to be registered. This is one way that they collect taxes and ensure that the companies offer professional services.


couple sitting in a yard Gardening involves several activities like mowing, lawn care, and slashing grass just but to mention a few. Some of these services are dangerous because the snakes could easily bite individuals or hurt in the process. If this happens in your yard, you may be required to bear the burden and treat the individual who gets hurts.

To ensure that you do not have to bear any additional cost in the event of such accidents, make sure that the company is insured. Insurance companies will compensate you or the company in the event some damage takes place when the workers are working in your yard.…

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Tips for buying an awning

There is no denying that tons of homeowners from around the world are investing on awnings. As a matter of fact, even owners of mobile homes are in search for awnings. However, same as any investments, many factors must be put into consideration when looking for awnings. With that said, keep on reading to know some of the things to consider when buying an awning.



As expected, the price of the awning is a primary consideration. This is because the price disparity of awnings is vast. As a matter of fact, some awnings would cost $3000. On the other hand, you can find awnings for as low as $200. Evidently, awnings with higher price tags can offer more benefits if compared to its counterparts.


On a side note, experts recommend making price comparisons when shopping for awnings. This is to ascertain that you get your money’s worth when buying one.


Although the market is flooded with contractors who are experts in awning installation, it is still important to make sure that the awning of choice is convenient to install if you do it by yourself. This is particularly true if you are planning to buy an awning to your caravan. The good thing about awnings is that there are awnings that are specifically designed for caravans. Nonetheless, it is still paramount to put the user-friendliness into consideration.


ZXCXZCXZAnother critical factor to consider when in search of an awning is the quality. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the materials used to build the awning. For instance, if you are buying a caravan awning, the materials must be sturdy enough to face harsh weather conditions. On this note, awnings that are made of acrylic are suitable. On the other hand, awnings that are made of cotton may not be that durable if compared to acrylic but it can bring more comfort.


When buying an awning, it is important to determine your purpose for buying. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to know your goal first before kicking off your search. For instance, if you are planning to buy a caravan inflatable awning, then focus on matters concerning a caravan awning. This is not only to become time-efficient but to avoid spending on things that are unnecessary too.


When in search for awnings, it is suggested to look for reviews that are relevant to awnings. This is to have a glimpse of the first-hand experiences of other users. As a matter of fact, the significance on reviews should not be overlooked. This is because the feedbacks left by other users will significantly help you in weighing your options.


In summary, finding the most suitable awning according to your preference in quite easy. This is particularly true if you emphasize the factors mentioned above.…

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Bathroom Essentials in a New House

Building a new house is fun and exciting, you get a chance to customize the way you want everything to be. Though purchasing all the furniture can give your savings a shock, it is a long-term investment that you are making right now. Major tips that you want to remember is not to let the builder do everything for you, especially the shopping. Though it takes time to think about what your vision for every room is and another more to look for each furniture, there is no shortcut in the process of making sure that it will turn out the way you imagined it. Besides, it is the dream to cherry pick every single item that you will use in your new home.

A bathroom is one of the most important parts of any living space; it is where you clean yourself, do your businesses, get ready for the day or get ready for the night. Investing in a cozy and nice bathroom will make you get a little more excited to use that room whenever you need to go in it. Here are the basics that you need when shopping for your bathroom.


toilet Without a toilet, your house is not going to be liveable for any human being. You can go to to look for inspirations and understand more about what you need and the options that you have for it.

Shower or bathtub

bathtubYour preferences, budget, and room size are the factors to consider when you want to choose between a shower or bathtub. Choose the one that will make you more happy about the bathroom, and make sure that in every item that you buy, you invest in the best quality item that is still within your budget.

Sink and mirror

Not having a mirror is a nightmare because then there is no way to admire yourself when you get ready. If you live with someone else and you have a big space, consider using a double sink, so you do not have to fight over it, and you can deal with your own side.


Any type of storage from shelf to cabinet is optional. You will need this to store your toiletries, towels, skincare, and many other things. Plan ahead to make sure that your storage will be enough for what you need because the last thing that you want is for the bathroom to be a messy place.…

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Factors To Consider When Repairing The Marble Floors

A marble is a very hard, metamorphic stone that is made of recrystallized limestone and when polished, it is transformed into a beautiful flooring. The marble floors are mostly complicated to install in a home and sophistication in marbles brings about class. Due to their crystalline nature, marbles can crack and also lose their shinyness when not polished. Repairing of marble floors can be a tedious and a prolonged task, therefore, some factors have to be considered when you repair the floors;


Floor structure


Consideration of the wood floor structure beneath. While making marble floors, wood is pelted down first then marble is added on top. Despite the fact that marble stones have got a high comprehensive strength, they have low tensile strength. A tensile force is a type of force that occurs when you either pull or stretch something. Expansion of the wood floor surface beneath the marble floor could be a factor that led to the floor faultiness. Also, in case the marble floor is not stiff but springy, the below wood floor structure could be a factor that has to be considered due to the slight up and down movements that may bring about tension cracks.

Marble installer

The initially used marble installer. A mistake could have been made by the marble installer maybe by failing to incorporate a crack isolation membrane during the installation process. The isolation membranes are important in that they ensure floating of the marble floor on top of the sub floor hence any sideways movement of the sub floor is not transferable to the above marble floor.


The structure of the house. Marble cracks might be present especially on the surface of the bathrooms. The structure of the house should be considered as there could be structural problems manifesting themselves via the bathroom floor.


Plumbing problems such as lumber shrinkage mostly affect new homes. During a house construction process, lumbers used at the homes tends to acquire numerous unexpected amount of water and as the lumber takes long to dry out, the sub floor wood shrinks. The shrinking of the beneath wood surface causes tension forces that affect the marble floor. So the plumbing system should be considered.



Weathering effects such as the wind, thermal temperature and rain deteriorate a marble surface in case a marble surface is exposed.  Marbles highly react when exposed to acids such as acidic rain water. In repairing of marble surfaces, one should be able to consider a wide variety of options.


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Factors to consider when choosing a letting agent

Managing property can be a big hassle not only to first-time property owners but also old ones. To help ease this burden, it is imperative you consider hiring a letting agent. However, with many agencies promising similar services, it can be hard to pick on one. Listed below are some tips to help you select the right letting agent.

Local expertise


When choosing a letting agent it is good you consider someone who has worked in the place, you have your property for several years. Such persons have the knowledge on issues affecting the people around. Also, they know what potential tenants want so they can advise based on their experience.


A good letting agent should quote reasonable prices for your property. He or she should not over or under value your property to win your favor. More to this, he should not price your property based on the current market prices. This will ensure that your property gets the right type of tenants. Besides, with proper valuation, your property will never miss tenants.


A good agent should always keep in touch with the owner of the property. He or she should offer advice on ways to improve your property. To top on this, a good letting agent should not always give you good news he or she should challenge you so that you can better your property. Thus, in your selection process, ensure you learn of the prospective letting agents communication skills.


A good agency should have your property at heart. They should make deliberate steps to market your property. Besides, he should have a personal initiative of reaching out to prospective clients. More to this, he should not always wait for instructions to carry out his duties. Thus, if you want to let your property, always be what people would always wish to have by looking for an enthusiastic letting agent.

Good property management

AsDAqAsDwsDIn most cases, letting agents are responsible for managing landlord’s property. Thus, you need to look for a letting agencies where Landlords wanted have good track record. This is the only way, to ensure our tenants feel comfortable and best of it all retaining them for long.


A good letting agent should always make a point of viewing your property occasionally. He or she should not just accompany prospective tenants to view the property. Having impromptu visits to monitor how residents are living and noting some of their challenges is of essence too. In addition to this, he should take his or her time and interact with the tenants.


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Benefits of waterproofing services

Water is vital in our lives, and that explains why in areas that have water the population is usually densely populated. However, too much water can destroy at times. When too much water enters our homes, it can ruin the weakening of various structures. For first class waterproofing services visit There are multiple areas in the home that can be safeguarded through waterproofing.

Waterproofing concrete


Waterproofing concrete is one of the leading exercisings in various homes. It is important because it significantly reduces maintenance since it helps in strengthening the structure. It is a critical aspect of building and construction. The quality of the concrete is determined by the type of waterproofing application that is applied. Just like to the human life, too much of water has adverse effects to concrete. Let us look at the advantages of waterproofing concrete.

Stronger concrete

By waterproofing concrete, you will make it stronger. One of the reasons as to why the concrete structures get weakened with time is because of the exposure to water. Waterproofing the concrete surface will help in solving this issue by ensuring that concrete is safeguarded from the said water. By waterproofing concrete, you will prevent water from slipping in through the cracks thereby causing many damages like the cracks.

Better looking concrete

By waterproofing concrete, the concrete will look better than one that has not been adequately maintained. It is essential to waterproof your concrete as it enhances the appearance of your home. This is critical especially in scenarios where you are selling your homes. A structure that has is waterproof will, therefore, get you much more money than one that is not.

Water damage prevention

Just like we mentioned above, too much water leads to the weakening of various structures. When water finds itself into concrete, specific damages will begin appearing. However, by waterproofing concrete, all the damages that are associated with water will be limited. The structure will, therefore, remain robust.

Mold prevention


You will prevent the growth of molds in your home and the diseases that are associated with it when you waterproof your home. Mold causes specific undesirable effects like asthma. However, when you waterproof your home, you will prevent its growth and the diseases associated with it.


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Benefits of professional home remodelers

If you are a homeowner one of the things that you will do at some point is the remodeling of your home. Your home may need full renovation or partial renovation. The Building and construction industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Things change daily which makes it necessary to upgrade or remodel the homes especially the ones that were built in the yesteryears. At the time you may need to convert a basement or add a room. If this is your desire, then it is highly recommended that you hire the services of the expert home remodelers. Click here for professional home renovations. Let us look at the benefits of hiring a professional home remodeler;


Customer service


One of the benefits that you will get when you hire the services of a professional home remodeler is first class customer services. They understand the industry better and the latest home models. They will advise you accordingly on what model to adopt. Since every home is usually unique, they will carefully evaluate your home and give you a specific and not a generic answer.

Business management and integrity

Professional remodelers run their businesses with integrity. This is important since you are going to open your doors to outsiders to come and do the remodeling for you. It is important that the individuals should be people of the highest integrity since this will significantly impact the security of your home. You do not want someone who will snitch on your home in the pretense of working only to come back later and steal your items.


The experience of the professional remodelers is also essential. Experience counts in this field. An experienced home remodeler understands the different models and techniques of the home. He will, therefore, accurately redesign and reconstruct the home for you. They are also familiar with the latest remodeling techniques that are ideal for your home.

Value for your money


Lastly, when you hire a professional remodeler, you will get value for your money. You will be assured of first-class services and free repairs if anything gets damaged within the first three months. They will also make use of the quality fixtures which will give your home a classy and new look.


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What to consider when remodeling your bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most used room in your house. If you look at each day, you will spend some time in there at least twice or thrice a day. But have you ever taken a closer look at your bathroom? The fixtures and fittings get used regularly, and they can wear and lose color too. If you have seen them and are presently considering a remodel, do not continue until you have read this article.

When does your bathroom need a new look?

If you have just moved into a new house, there is probably no need unless it was a pre-owned home. However, if your house about ten years old or even more, you may want to consider an upgrade or simply change a few things around. Here are the areas you should consider.

The shower


Most bathrooms will have a shower area which is either enclosed or open with a curtain. If it is an open one, consider getting an enclosure. Shower heads collect a lot of debris over time and can rust, look at 2017’s most recommended rainfall shower heads to buy so that you can replace it with a newer model that will also give you a great feeling when you shower.


The sink

This fitting needs to be replaced if it is old because it gets used a lot too. Consider buying an entire set which will match with the toilet and bath tub if you have one. Sinks come in many designs with some being made of glass, ceramic and even granite. Make sure you get one which can accommodate a hot and cold water tap and in can you want to get two, ensure they match.

The toilet

We do a lot of thinking and reading when we use this seat apart from the obvious business we take care of while there. It should match the sink and bathtub too in case you want to change the entire look of your bathroom.

Walls and floor

ctyjdtYou should not make a bathroom too dark, therefore, consider light colored floor and wall tiles as this material is durable and will not get damaged when water splashes on it. Ensure the floor tiles are non-slip in order to avoid and accidents due to a wet floor.


Modern designs have introduced LED lighting to many areas of the home so your bathroom can also benefit from some beautifully appointed lighting.


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Tips For Buying LED Lights

If you have shopped for bulbs lately, you may have noticed that conventional types of bulbs are rarely on the shelves. Most people prefer LED bulbs because they are more energy efficient as compared to the traditional forms of lighting and they have a longer life as well. However, trying to decide on which LED bulbs to can be a bit of a difficult task. Below are some of the tactics you can use to make the selection easier but you can get more information at

Factors To Consider When Buying LED Bulbs

Read The Label

What most people do not know is that the information needed to pick the right bulbs is on the packaging. However, it is not on the front side. Therefore, you have to check the back side of the packaging, and that is where the facts are. It is advisable to pay attention to the details of the brightness and light appearance. For the brightness of an LED bulb, look for the number of lumens as they will tell you how bright the bulb is. Light appearance, on the other hand, shows the color temperature. For living room fixtures, warm lighting is advisable. On the other hand, places like workshops or laundry areas require natural light.

Choose Dimmers And Bulbs That Are Compatible

It is important to note that many LED bulbs are dimmable. However, the older dimmer switches were designed for the use of incandescent bulbs. Therefore, they will not work with the LED bulbs. If you are having doubts about your dimmer switch, you can get the information you need on light bulb manufacturer websites where you can get the list of compatible dimmers.

Places They Will Not Work

There are some places where the LED bulbs will not work. For example, an LED bulb should not be put inside an oven. The conventional bulbs should be used for that purpose but not the LED bulbs. This is because the light from the bulb will kill the LED bulb quickly. You can use the LED appliance bulbs on refrigerators and freezers, but they are hardly found locally. You, therefore, need to look them up online.
Another thing to note down is that LED bulbs can interfere with the remote controls that operate the garage doors. However, the garage door opener manufacturers understand this fact, and they have a list of the compatible LED bulbs on their sites. Individuals, therefore, have access to this information and they can use it when making a purchase.…

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How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs

Although you need to exterminate adult lice to complete the extermination process, getting rid of lice eggs is very important. Properly getting rid of lice eggs means that the nits will never breed hence will prevent the spread to members of the family and furnishings. Here is how to get rid of lice eggs to make sure that you are completely free of lice.


Kill All Lice

As long as lice are still there, new lice eggs will appear. Hence, removing lice eggs won’t make much difference if lice are still there. These eggs will hatch into lice, which will, in turn, breed more eggs. Until all lice have been killed, this unending cycle cannot be broken.

Suffocate Live Lice

SADSADSWhile there are a few studies on its usefulness, it’s believed that you can suffocate lice to death. It is argued that certain products clog lice’s breathing holes thereby preventing them from breathing. Apply petroleum jelly on your scalp and hair and leave it there for 8 hours. Aside from petroleum jelly, you may also use olive oil. The oil will loosen lice eggs and make them easy to remove.

Use A Prescription Shampoo

One of the best options is pyrethrum. Pyrethrum shampoo harbor natural insecticides, which attack the lice’s nervous system. You need to apply it on your hair, wait for 10 minutes, add water and change into a lather before rinsing. You should then remove the lice eggs and repeat the action 1 week later to exterminate any remaining lice.

Clean Your Hair With Vinegar

Lice eggs are typically covered in a substance that combines them to form hair follicles. Vinegar contains substances, which can prevent lice eggs from having their grip on the hair. Fill a house sink with vinegar and water and then completely submerge your hair either by dipping it backward or putting your head forward. Finally, detangle with a regular brush and leave the conditioner so that combing can be painless and easy.

Apply Mouthwash On Your Hair

Listerine or any other mouthwash contains alcohol that will dissolve their eggs. While some natural remedy sites suggest it, other websites do not advise using it. You can apply it and then cover your hair for 30 minutes. This will kill adult lice and prevent them from breeding eggs. You can also apply Listerine and put a cloth or towel under your head before going to sleep. Finally, flush your hair with hot water and then apply vinegar to loosen lice eggs.…

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Improving the quality of air inside your home

We all know that air pollution is dangerous to our health as the contaminants can adversely affect the respiratory system. When we hear the term ‘air pollution’, we usually think of smoke or even smog which can be seen outdoors, but did you know that the air that you have inside your home can be polluted too?

In fact, some studies show that homes, offices, and other indoor environments can be worse than the outside. So, how sure are you that the air quality that you have in your home is safe and healthy for you and your family members? Read on and find out how you can improve indoor air quality.

How to have good air quality?

dhhdd74What causes indoor air pollution? Well, take a look at your home, what are the things that you have? Do you have pets? Do you have a carpet? How often do you clean your home? What type of oil do you use when cooking? Is your HVAC well-maintained? All of these can contribute to the air pollution inside your home.

To make sure that you have good air quality in your dwelling place, here are the things that you must do:

Maintain your HVAC system

The heating and cooling system installed in your home plays a very important role in maintaining good air quality. For this reason, it is essential that you maintain it properly. Avail of heating and air conditioning repair services if you notice that the unit is not working as good as it was when it was new. Having an expert inspect it on a regular basis will help ensure that it is in its best condition all the time.

With an efficient HVAC system, you will be able to reduce air pollution. You and your loved ones can definitely enjoy an improved air quality all year round.

Clean your floor

Your flooring receives the highest amount of traffic every single day especially if you have pets and kids living with you. With that said, you must see to it that it is being cleaned on a regular basis. If you have tiles or hardwood flooring, you need to mop it up. You can also use a vacuum if you have carpets installed. All of these will help ensure that your floor is fresh.


Groom your pets

If you have pets at home, it is necessary that you properly groom them. Bathe them every day to get rid of the dirt on their furs. Otherwise, they will just add more contaminants to your home.


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Reasons Why You Should Have Pest Control Service Regularly

You won’t like to see your home with problems related to pest infestation of ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites and other pests. Regular pest control service is the best way to stop these problems from occurring. It is the fastest way of eliminating any of pest infestation problems. The following are reasons why you should have a regular pest control service in your home.

Pest cause diseases

Some pests are known to carry diseases though there are pests like bedbugs, fleas, and ants cause irritating bites to people. The common pest that may cause diseases include mosquitoes, Lice, ticks, and others. It is possible forbfgbhgsxdfrgt people to get sick if they get bites from rodents and insects. But with regular pest control methods, one can be able to eliminate these problems.

You will have a healthy and clean home by eliminating pest infestations. Most pests are known to be vectors for diseases. It is important to ensure a clean and good environment for the people in your home which will result in their well-being. Controlling this situation is important than having to deal with diseases later.

Protect the value of your property

To build or own a home is an important investment. Your property value will be affected if it gets infested with pests. Rodents can destroy electrical wires by chewing and cutting connections, and parasites like termites also can damage properties. This can result in costly repairs if not controlled in time. Hence it is important to ensure pest control measures are done monthly to prevent these problems in the long run.

Protect stored food from being ruined

Pests or rodents are regularly are attracted to stored food. Some pests make holes in boxes and containers that are used to store the foodstuff. Most of these foodstuffs are stored in pantries and basements of various homes. Leaving your food uncovered is another way of attracting pests to your home. Don’t leave your waste things or matters near food stores as it is not healthy or may cause diseases. You will be able to stop pest infestations in your home by keeping a clean environment.

Pests are a threat to your home

c vxsdecrvfA home is vulnerable to the infestation of pests like bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, and ants. You can control these problems with at least practicing pest control or having pest control service once a while for temporary measures. But regular pest control is the only way to get a permanent solution to these problems. Pest control team is experienced in detecting early pest infestations and controlling it in time. They know modern ways of eliminating pests without causing harm to people. Make sure you try natural pest control measures so as to keep your home free from pest infestations.…

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Türkiye Su Meclisi



Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Başbakanı

Türkiye coğrafyası, tarihin hiç görmediği bir doğa yıkımının içinden geçmektedir. Bu yıkımın nedeni, binlerce yıldır bu topraklara hayat veren dere ve akarsuların HES ve baraj inşaatlarına konu edilmesidir. Sayısı 1700’ü aşan dere ve akarsuda, bölge insanlarına, kültür mirasına ve doğaya etkileri ne olacağı bilinmeden çok sayıda HES ve baraj inşaatı yürütülmektedir. Türkiye’nin derelerine yapılan müdahaleleler, geniş kabul görmüş hiçbir uluslar arası standartı sağlamamaktadır. Dere ve akarsularımız, adeta bir soykırımın içinden geçmektedir.

Sonuç olarak, yüzbinlerce insan yaşam alanını kaybetmekte, paha biçilmez kültür mirasımız tahrip olmakta ve onlarca canlı türünün nesli tükenmektedir. Milyarlarca liralık tarım ekonomisi, HES ve baraj inşaatları nedeniyle zarar görmektedir.

Türkiye’nin içine sürüklendiği bu sorunun ana nedenlerinden biri, doğanın korunması ve su kaynaklarının yönetiminden sorumlu olan Çevre ve Orman Bakanlığınız’ın görevlerini tam olarak yerine getirmemesidir. Bakanlık, Anayasa’nın kendisine verdiği çevreyle ilgili hemen hiçbir yükümlülüğü yerine getirmeden, bir enerji yatırımcısı şeklinde hareket etmektedir. Yürütmekle mükellef olduğu işlemleri kağıt üzerinde prosedür gereği yerine getirmekte, önüne gelen meseleleri doğayı koruyan bir anlayışla ele almamaktadır. Yapılan uygulamaların büyük kısmı, hem hukuku, hem de kamu vicdanını açıkça ihlal etmektedir. Çevre ve Orm

an Bakanlığı, yaptığı suistimaller ve yasa ihlalleriyle, toplumsal huzursuzluğa neden olmaktadır.

Biz, bu mektubun altında imzası olanlar, yaşadığımız topraklara herşeyden çok değer veriyoruz. Dere ve akarsularımızın bu toprakların can damarı olduğunun ve suyun boşa akmadığnın bilincindeyiz.

Bu noktadan hareketle:

– Yürürlükteki yanlış su politikasının mimarı olan Çevre ve Orman Bakanı Veysel Eroğlu’nun görevden alınması,

– Akarsuların çevresinde yaşayan insanlar başta olmak üzere kamuoyunun görüşlerini dikkate alan ulusal bir su politikası geliştirilene kadar, tüm HES ve baraj inşaatlarının durdurulması

konularında gerekli adımlarım ivedilikle atılmasını talep ediyoruz.


Türkiye Su Meclisi bültenlerini düzenli olarak almak istiyorum.


Loç Vadisi’ne Nöbete Gidiyoruz
Kastamonu Cide Loç Vadisi
Suyumuza Sahip Çıkıyoruz Nöbeti Başladı
Erzurum Tortum İlçesi Dikmen Köyü
Derelerin Kardeşliği
Su Tapusu
25 Haziran 2010, Ankara
Aynı HES’e 3 Durdurma Kararı
Loç Vadisi’ne Nöbete Gidiyoruz
Bilirkişi heyetinin hazırlayacağı rapor beklenirken şirket durmuyor köyümüzü doğamızı kültürümüzü yok etmeye devam ediyor……

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