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The Best Way To Install A Walk In Tub

A walk in tub can be described as a unique piece of equipment that is made in a way to substitute the regular shower or tub. It is specifically created to give the user the required safety and enjoyment so that they can have the total bathing experience that one needs after a long day’s work.

Installing a walk in bathtub depends on three major factors: the kind of accessibility it will deliver, the size of the bathroom that you have and if it is part of the remodeling project. Let us look at them in detail:


You should note that not all walk in tubs is wheelchair accessible. This is why it is essential that you see the tub before you decide to purchase it. This will enable you to get a clear picture on how you will install your tub. The type of accessibility that you will require will greatly influence your type of installation.

Bathroom size

The size of your bathroom will significantly influence the type and style of installation. The method of access will also determine the type of the walk in tub that you will purchase.


With the wide variety of designs and sizes that are available, you can incorporate some designs so that you enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. Here are some of the best ways that you can install a walk in the bathtub:

Apron front installation

This is the type of installation that is reserved for alcove zones within your bathroom. Here the entry way of the tub stands parallel to the back wall of the bathroom. This particular type of installation is usually ideal for a walk in tub that has three sides that are under-covering the edges of the tub. It is advisable that you ensure that the linear space between the wall and the walk in tub is sealed so that you can control the flow of the splashing water. This is also vital as they prevent the growth of mold from growing from underneath the tub.

Freestanding installation

This is at times the same as apron installation. They can be situated at any position of the bathroom so long as the water lines can be extended to it. This is advantageous to homeowners due to their flexibility and those that are not sure of where to place their bath tub.

Top mountain installation

This is recommended for those who want to replace their old shower stalls. It is usually reserved for roll-in showers, and it can be modified in a way to turn it into wheelchair friendly.