Factors To Consider When Repairing The Marble Floors

A marble is a very hard, metamorphic stone that is made of recrystallized limestone and when polished, it is transformed into a beautiful flooring. The marble floors are mostly complicated to install in a home and sophistication in marbles brings about class. Due to their crystalline nature, marbles can crack and also lose their shinyness when not polished. Repairing of marble floors can be a tedious and a prolonged task, therefore, some factors have to be considered when you repair the floors;


Floor structure


Consideration of the wood floor structure beneath. While making marble floors, wood is pelted down first then marble is added on top. Despite the fact that marble stones have got a high comprehensive strength, they have low tensile strength. A tensile force is a type of force that occurs when you either pull or stretch something. Expansion of the wood floor surface beneath the marble floor could be a factor that led to the floor faultiness. Also, in case the marble floor is not stiff but springy, the below wood floor structure could be a factor that has to be considered due to the slight up and down movements that may bring about tension cracks.

Marble installer

The initially used marble installer. A mistake could have been made by the marble installer maybe by failing to incorporate a crack isolation membrane during the installation process. The isolation membranes are important in that they ensure floating of the marble floor on top of the sub floor hence any sideways movement of the sub floor is not transferable to the above marble floor.


The structure of the house. Marble cracks might be present especially on the surface of the bathrooms. The structure of the house should be considered as there could be structural problems manifesting themselves via the bathroom floor.


Plumbing problems such as lumber shrinkage mostly affect new homes. During a house construction process, lumbers used at the homes tends to acquire numerous unexpected amount of water and as the lumber takes long to dry out, the sub floor wood shrinks. The shrinking of the beneath wood surface causes tension forces that affect the marble floor. So the plumbing system should be considered.



Weathering effects such as the wind, thermal temperature and rain deteriorate a marble surface in case a marble surface is exposed.  Marbles highly react when exposed to acids such as acidic rain water. In repairing of marble surfaces, one should be able to consider a wide variety of options.


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How to choose excellent and reliable pool builders in Arizona

Choosing pool builders in Arizona is a daunting experience for most homeowners. This is because a majority of homeowners do not know what to look for in a reliable pool builder. Every homeowner wants to have an eccentric swimming pool design in their homes. This is a design that highlights the décor, attractiveness and stylish appeal of the home. It is worth noting that to achieve the desired swimming pool; you will need to work with knowledgeable pool builders. Here are a few tips on finding the best pool builders:

Licensing and certification

Pool builders should not operate without a license and certification as these are the legality of the contractor’s services as well as the scope of operation. If a pool builder is not licensed, then there is usually no guarantee for quality service delivery. Licensed and certified pool builders meet the set quality standards, and as such, they provide professionally reliable and dependable services.



A pool building project may cause damage to already existing structures such as the house, fence and even the backyard. When such damages occur, you will want to seek compensation for losses and other costs incurred due to the damage. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that you only hire pool builders with insurance covers as their services are insured, and hence damages are paid by the insurance company. When you hire uninsured pool builders, you put yourself at a risk of receiving no compensation incase of damages resulting from the pool’s construction.

Check out past projects done by the builder of choice

At no one time should you hire a pool builder without sampling the services provided by the contractor of choice. Check the contractor’s portfolio for previous projects. This allows you to assess the level of skills, technology, creativity, and innovativeness employed by the contractor of choice. This provides you with a chance to check out the contractor’s abilities also determine their capability of handling your project.

Tools and technology

Before hiring any pool builders az, it is important to check out the technology and tools used by the contractor of choice in delivering their services. Does the contractor have the right tools necessary for building your preferred type of pool? Pool builders use modern technology to design pools depending on the client’s preferences such as size and shape. Always settle for pool builders with the right tools of work as such controls deliver quality work in a timely manner.


Check reviews left by previous clients

Reviews provide you with a great opportunity to get first-hand information on the quality and reliability of services offered by the contractor of choice. From these reviews, you can be able to identify whether the contractor delivers in a timely manner, quality of services provided and check if the contractor is well versed in pool building.

With the services of a good pool builder, you can get a high-end swimming pool with a stylish outlook at an affordable cost. You do not need to spend too much money on pool building while you still have other home improvement projects to take care of. Share your ideas with the pool builder so that the contractor considers your opinions and preferences when building the pool.…

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