Tips For Buying LED Lights

If you have shopped for bulbs lately, you may have noticed that conventional types of bulbs are rarely on the shelves. Most people prefer LED bulbs because they are more energy efficient as compared to the traditional forms of lighting and they have a longer life as well. However, trying to decide on which LED bulbs to can be a bit of a difficult task. Below are some of the tactics you can use to make the selection easier but you can get more information at

Factors To Consider When Buying LED Bulbs

Read The Label

What most people do not know is that the information needed to pick the right bulbs is on the packaging. However, it is not on the front side. Therefore, you have to check the back side of the packaging, and that is where the facts are. It is advisable to pay attention to the details of the brightness and light appearance. For the brightness of an LED bulb, look for the number of lumens as they will tell you how bright the bulb is. Light appearance, on the other hand, shows the color temperature. For living room fixtures, warm lighting is advisable. On the other hand, places like workshops or laundry areas require natural light.

Choose Dimmers And Bulbs That Are Compatible

It is important to note that many LED bulbs are dimmable. However, the older dimmer switches were designed for the use of incandescent bulbs. Therefore, they will not work with the LED bulbs. If you are having doubts about your dimmer switch, you can get the information you need on light bulb manufacturer websites where you can get the list of compatible dimmers.

Places They Will Not Work

There are some places where the LED bulbs will not work. For example, an LED bulb should not be put inside an oven. The conventional bulbs should be used for that purpose but not the LED bulbs. This is because the light from the bulb will kill the LED bulb quickly. You can use the LED appliance bulbs on refrigerators and freezers, but they are hardly found locally. You, therefore, need to look them up online.
Another thing to note down is that LED bulbs can interfere with the remote controls that operate the garage doors. However, the garage door opener manufacturers understand this fact, and they have a list of the compatible LED bulbs on their sites. Individuals, therefore, have access to this information and they can use it when making a purchase.…

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