How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs

Although you need to exterminate adult lice to complete the extermination process, getting rid of lice eggs is very important. Properly getting rid of lice eggs means that the nits will never breed hence will prevent the spread to members of the family and furnishings. Here is how to get rid of lice eggs to make sure that you are completely free of lice.


Kill All Lice

As long as lice are still there, new lice eggs will appear. Hence, removing lice eggs won’t make much difference if lice are still there. These eggs will hatch into lice, which will, in turn, breed more eggs. Until all lice have been killed, this unending cycle cannot be broken.

Suffocate Live Lice

SADSADSWhile there are a few studies on its usefulness, it’s believed that you can suffocate lice to death. It is argued that certain products clog lice’s breathing holes thereby preventing them from breathing. Apply petroleum jelly on your scalp and hair and leave it there for 8 hours. Aside from petroleum jelly, you may also use olive oil. The oil will loosen lice eggs and make them easy to remove.

Use A Prescription Shampoo

One of the best options is pyrethrum. Pyrethrum shampoo harbor natural insecticides, which attack the lice’s nervous system. You need to apply it on your hair, wait for 10 minutes, add water and change into a lather before rinsing. You should then remove the lice eggs and repeat the action 1 week later to exterminate any remaining lice.

Clean Your Hair With Vinegar

Lice eggs are typically covered in a substance that combines them to form hair follicles. Vinegar contains substances, which can prevent lice eggs from having their grip on the hair. Fill a house sink with vinegar and water and then completely submerge your hair either by dipping it backward or putting your head forward. Finally, detangle with a regular brush and leave the conditioner so that combing can be painless and easy.

Apply Mouthwash On Your Hair

Listerine or any other mouthwash contains alcohol that will dissolve their eggs. While some natural remedy sites suggest it, other websites do not advise using it. You can apply it and then cover your hair for 30 minutes. This will kill adult lice and prevent them from breeding eggs. You can also apply Listerine and put a cloth or towel under your head before going to sleep. Finally, flush your hair with hot water and then apply vinegar to loosen lice eggs.