What to consider when remodeling your bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most used room in your house. If you look at each day, you will spend some time in there at least twice or thrice a day. But have you ever taken a closer look at your bathroom? The fixtures and fittings get used regularly, and they can wear and lose color too. If you have seen them and are presently considering a remodel, do not continue until you have read this article.

When does your bathroom need a new look?

If you have just moved into a new house, there is probably no need unless it was a pre-owned home. However, if your house about ten years old or even more, you may want to consider an upgrade or simply change a few things around. Here are the areas you should consider.

The shower


Most bathrooms will have a shower area which is either enclosed or open with a curtain. If it is an open one, consider getting an enclosure. Shower heads collect a lot of debris over time and can rust, look at 2017’s most recommended rainfall shower heads to buy so that you can replace it with a newer model that will also give you a great feeling when you shower.


The sink

This fitting needs to be replaced if it is old because it gets used a lot too. Consider buying an entire set which will match with the toilet and bath tub if you have one. Sinks come in many designs with some being made of glass, ceramic and even granite. Make sure you get one which can accommodate a hot and cold water tap and in can you want to get two, ensure they match.

The toilet

We do a lot of thinking and reading when we use this seat apart from the obvious business we take care of while there. It should match the sink and bathtub too in case you want to change the entire look of your bathroom.

Walls and floor

ctyjdtYou should not make a bathroom too dark, therefore, consider light colored floor and wall tiles as this material is durable and will not get damaged when water splashes on it. Ensure the floor tiles are non-slip in order to avoid and accidents due to a wet floor.


Modern designs have introduced LED lighting to many areas of the home so your bathroom can also benefit from some beautifully appointed lighting.


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