Factors to consider when choosing a letting agent

Managing property can be a big hassle not only to first-time property owners but also old ones. To help ease this burden, it is imperative you consider hiring a letting agent. However, with many agencies promising similar services, it can be hard to pick on one. Listed below are some tips to help you select the right letting agent.

Local expertise


When choosing a letting agent it is good you consider someone who has worked in the place, you have your property for several years. Such persons have the knowledge on issues affecting the people around. Also, they know what potential tenants want so they can advise based on their experience.


A good letting agent should quote reasonable prices for your property. He or she should not over or under value your property to win your favor. More to this, he should not price your property based on the current market prices. This will ensure that your property gets the right type of tenants. Besides, with proper valuation, your property will never miss tenants.


A good agent should always keep in touch with the owner of the property. He or she should offer advice on ways to improve your property. To top on this, a good letting agent should not always give you good news he or she should challenge you so that you can better your property. Thus, in your selection process, ensure you learn of the prospective letting agents communication skills.


A good agency should have your property at heart. They should make deliberate steps to market your property. Besides, he should have a personal initiative of reaching out to prospective clients. More to this, he should not always wait for instructions to carry out his duties. Thus, if you want to let your property, always be what people would always wish to have by looking for an enthusiastic letting agent.

Good property management

AsDAqAsDwsDIn most cases, letting agents are responsible for managing landlord’s property. Thus, you need to look for a letting agencies where Landlords wanted have good track record. This is the only way, to ensure our tenants feel comfortable and best of it all retaining them for long.


A good letting agent should always make a point of viewing your property occasionally. He or she should not just accompany prospective tenants to view the property. Having impromptu visits to monitor how residents are living and noting some of their challenges is of essence too. In addition to this, he should take his or her time and interact with the tenants.


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